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Spiritual Trail

The daVinci Pursuit envisioned the idea of a trail along the north side of Christian Theological Seminary’s property to connect the Butler community, local neighborhoods, IMA and Central Canal. During 2015, a more detailed design for the overall trail along with the... read more

One Hundred Boats

Trees transform, shield, shade and provide oxygen, fruit, and beauty. Without trees, humans would not survive. Each tree has its own distinct, unique energy, as does each person. Trees and people together create a sense of place. Given the length of time trees live,... read more

daVinci Workshop

The daVinci Workshop is an initiative to create a museum/workspace where artists and scientists can come together to create installations using common physical and cultural components of society in a context of community space. We intend to use an existing building or... read more

daVinci Prize

The daVinci Pursuit was founded in order to bring science education and cultural enrichment closer to the public. As a group of concerned science and art educators, we are concerned about the decline of support for arts education in the academic setting, as well as... read more

Art Science Tools

The daVinci Pursuit has established a collaborative program to connect scientists, scientific content, and artists who will be performing and executing work at the grant sites. The process of bringing artists and scientists together in a collaborative environment,... read more


Kinetic artist, David Landis has created a giant metal and wood kinetic sculpture that will interact with the rhythms and flow of water in Indianapolis’ major rivers. The sculpture will create movements on the surface that mimic the current flow beneath the robot in a... read more

Tessellations of Life

Working with experts from the Indiana University School of Medicine (pathologists, cellular biologists, medical imaging professionals) and faculty from the Indiana School of Informatics (music informatics, artificial intelligence, visualization and animation, advanced... read more

Musical DNA

Building on the ground breaking App, Musical DNA provides a new way to fully discover and express your own musical creativity, enabling groups of individuals to play with music and sound in a more powerful way than ever before. The daVinci Pursuit has created a... read more


The Ka-Bike-O-Scope, designed by the artist/scientist team of Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley, is comprised of many interconnected structures, which will allow for group collaboration. In each structure, the color wheels are mounted in a glass‐encased overhang/roof that... read more

Fallen Lighthouse

Imagine a lighthouse in Central Indiana. Where did it come from? How did it get here? Why has it fallen? What’s inside? The Fallen Lighthouse, designed and created by daVinci Founder, Mark Kesling and Architect, Cothran Harris, creates an iconic interactive space for... read more


An important aspect of science is being able to see things from a new perspective. The concepts of “field of view” and “vista” come to mind as one walks along a waterway. When the field of view is narrowed (a fixed tube that people look through – sighting tube) or... read more

Artistic Scanner

daVinci Pursuit founder, Mark Kesling has created an interactive installation that captures the movement of people in order to create a visual and auditory soundscape. The installation encourages them to “dance” in a public setting without being aware that others are... read more

Art Ports

Throughout our city, artists find it difficult to place art tin public spaces due to a lack of a basic anchoring mechanism, access to power and a process that allows easy yet controlled permitting and planning. As we build new sidewalks, improve underground wiring and... read more

One Thousand Birdhouses

The daVinci Pursuit in collaboration with the Amos Butler Audubon Society, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and neighborhood school students will design and install birdhouses along the waterways throughout the city. The hole size and materials used are critical to the... read more

Mechanical Flowers

Based on simple robotic sensors coupled with the concept of biological collectives, the daVinci Pursuit is developing a set of tiny robotic flowers (Mechanical Flowers) that when placed in a waterway will measure and transmit data on water quality. The tiny robots can... read more

daVinci Sound Project

Professional harpist Melissa Gallant wanted to take her art form in new directions and expressed her desire to create new sounds and to develop new techniques in order to create an entirely new sound for the harp. Electronic musicians Michael Drews and Jordan Munson... read more

Arts & Engineering Challenges

Working with community partners the daVinci Pursuit creates competitions designed to combine the arts with engineering in ways that bring more than just beauty to a creation. The competitors are required to assemble teams from both art and engineering and to work... read more

Art-Science Curriculum Kits

The daVinci Pursuit develops science & art kits for use in classrooms, after-school environments and homes throughout Central Indiana. The kits are each being developed with other partners such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, who will provide a marketing and... read more