Aired Saturday, October 28, 2023

Leonardo DaVinci the First Skull Base Radiologist

Show #251

Talking about my guest’s special interest in head, neck, and skull base imaging including a deep interest in Leonardo DaVinci. My guest became interested as a result of a Neurosurgical article written many years ago which described DaVinci’s numerous anatomical diagrams which he created as he performed numerous anatomic dissections in his “Search for the Soul”.  He was intrigued by DaVinci’s exquisite detail which was when he realized that DaVinci was actually the first “Skull Base Radiologist”. As we become more technologically focused, physician patient care is becoming even more focused on laboratory data, electronic health records and advanced molecular, and genetic testing.  My guest became interested in looking for opportunities to encourage his colleagues to embrace art and humanity in science and patient care.


Suresh Mukherji, Neuroradiologist,
Director of Head & Neck Radiology at ProScan Imaging and Professor of Radiology & Radiation Oncology at University of Illinois and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Leonardo DaVinci the First Skull Base Radiologist