Connecting Art, Science and Community

The daVinci Pursuit brings together artists, scientists, and community members to create unique interactions and conversations. Through an integration of the arts, education, quality of life, and culture we build upon our program evaluations, relevant outside research, and on-ground efforts to create interactions and interpretive experiences with members of the general public. Our efforts include the development of conversations, installations, provocations, and programs, that enable communities to create a stronger sense of place in our neighborhoods and communities. The issues confronting communities are complex and require creative and innovative solutions. Often communities suffer from a lack of individual self-efficacy and self-esteem; the lack of a history of working and communicating with others, especially outsiders; the identification and utilization of community assets for the greater good; and the means to create opportunities for economic development and well-being. The daVinci Pursuit catalyzes individuals in each community to create innovative visions that mobilize others, while attracting larger community-wide investment, and providing a framework for creative solutions.