daVinci ArtPorts

daVinci ArtPorts

The need for a flexible, simple, and adaptable infrastructure for the arts exists in most communities. daVinci ArtPorts are designed as universal, in-ground, anchoring platforms for “pop-up” works of art, providing an innovative solution for the challenges faced by artists wishing to place art in public spaces (a common in-ground anchoring system, flexible pop-up art spaces, access to electricity, and a simple pre-approved permitting system.)

The daVinci Pursuit brought the best minds together from the fields of art, urban planning, design, and engineering to think of ways to build a new physical infrastructure for the arts. The daVinci ArtPorts address the challenges facing cities when they decide to implement changing public art by the inclusion of:

  1. Pre-approved strategic art spaces – the daVinci Pursuit works with cities and towns, arts councils, and local communities to identify potential locations for the daVinci ArtPorts. All permitting is handled in the initial design and planning phase, clearing the way for a seamless and quick process for the installation of art throughout the community.
  2. Common in-ground anchors – acting like “space docking ports” for artists to create structures that “plug” into the anchors thereby creating quick and easy installations throughout the community.
  3. Power posts – located at key points to provide energy for powering interactive and kinetic sculptural pieces as well as small live performances.
  4. Pop-up Art – daVinci ArtPorts allow for artists to try out a new idea or medium that can be moved throughout the community as well as among neighboring communities, allowing neighborhoods to regularly have pop-up art experiences and to locally curate shared changeable art.

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