Core Principles

The daVinci Pursuit was founded to bring science education and cultural enrichment closer to the public. The lens through which most organizations view their communities, reveals institutional programs focused on singular disciplines in the arts, sciences, and community development in isolation from one another. Few organizations have combined the three areas into a singular focused effort to improve the overall quality of life in our communities. Additionally, most institutions are building or campus-centric, which increases the barriers to access by the most economically challenged in our communities. What is missing, are places and events where individuals and families can experience art and science together, while discovering the joy of learning, appreciating the beauty of their own neighborhood, and connecting with others to create a stronger community.

The daVinci Pursuit explores how artistic installations and programs can promote community engagement in science thinking, irrespective of wealth or privilege. We believe that neighborhoods themselves are learning environments that provide unique opportunities where individuals of varying cultures and backgrounds can explore art and science in a non-threatening environment, free from the expense, staffing and access issues. It is through this open exploration that people access their inner creativity, building the self-efficacy and self-confidence necessary to transform their lives.


  • Eliminate Barriers to science and art by placing art and science experiences in local neighborhoods.
  • Encourage Learning that empowers individuals and fosters life-long learning, as a means of improving overall quality of life.
  • Inspire individuals inspiring to engage in the creation of art and science in the homes, yards, and shared spaces where they live.
  • Provide Hope through investment in iconic installations in neglected neighborhood places.
  • Use Whimsy in the creation of installations and programs that encourage discovery and playfulness.