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Conversations serve as an incubator for creative and entrepreneurial engagement that allow individuals to participate in the creative economy and narratives of success. Each week the daVinci Pursuit engages in meaningful conversations at the intersection of art and science. Check out our featured conversation below.

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Friday, May 12, 2023 1 to 2pm estdaVinci Art Science Roundtable - Cogitation daVinci Art Science Roundtable Members of the daVinci Art Science Roundtable will be having a conversation about "Cogitation".  Join us for this free event on Friday, May 12, 2023 from 1pm to...

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In 2009, daVinci Pursuit founder, Mark Kesling, coined the phrase “A Museum Without Walls” to describe his vision for providing the community firsthand experiences with science and art. The vision he created sought to lower typical barriers to learning, by taking science and art to where people live and work, using informal educational techniques to excite and stimulate curiosity, providing experiences to those underserved by current institutions. The daVinci Pursuit provides a community platform, grounded in solid science and creative thought. In the years, since our founding, the DaVinci Pursuit’s vision required us to look beyond the barriers and challenges our communities faced by utilizing the best practices from informal education, including its installations and programs, in order to provide a greater understanding of science and art.


Conversations serve as an incubator for creative and entrepreneurial engagement that allow individuals to participate in the creative economy and narratives of success. Individuals from differing socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds find themselves excluded from the benefits of the creative economy and become the consumers of the creative work produced by others with greater advantage and access. Our approach widens and deepens the involvement of underserved adult populations, by providing the skills needed to help the community and individuals reframe the creative process thereby enabling pathways between community activity and the cultural and creative economy.


Interpretive experiences across different contexts and settings transform the perceptions of the learner, facilitate conceptual understanding, yield emotional engagement, and nurture the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes. In educational settings learning experiences are ideally challenging, interesting, rich, engaging, meaningful, and appropriate to learner needs.


Interactive installations are a way of activating a physical space through technology, movement, light, and sound that responds to the passerby. When designed correctly, these installations move people from passive audiences to engaged active participants. Installations inspire people to be more curious about the natural and built world around them, and to construct the foundations for more self-discovery and future learning.


“Different stories; different arts and sciences; one history connecting us all.” We utilize storytelling as a catalyst for learning about art and science. Our use of the theatrical arts broadens audience outreach as well as develop new audiences. We create long-form performances (30 to 60 minutes in length), short-form performances (7-10 minutes), and Free-form Performances (Improvised) depending on the venue and needs of the audience. 


The daVinci Pursuit cooperates with other community non-profits dedicated to creating a stronger sense of place in our neighborhoods and communities. The issues specifically confronting lower-income communities are complex and require creative and innovative solutions. The daVinci Pursuit catalyzes individuals in each neighborhood to create innovative visions that mobilize other neighbors, while attracting larger community-wide investment, and providing a framework for creative solutions. By forging creative partnerships between artists, scientists, and communities the daVinci Pursuit uses the arts and sciences as a means of developing self-efficacy and self-esteem.


Our years of leadership in the fields of museum and informal education, allows us to provide innovative ideas, practical solutions, and dynamic installations and programs. The daVinci Pursuit provides consulting services in education and exhibit design, project management, fund development, evaluation, board development, and strategic planning.

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