What We Do

daVinci Innovation Design Workshops

The workshops serve as an incubator for creative and entrepreneurial engagement that allow individuals to participate in the creative economy and narratives of success. Individuals throughout the region from differing socio-economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds find themselves excluded from the benefits of the creative economy and become the consumers of the creative work produced by others with greater advantage and access. Our approach widens and deepens the involvement of underserved adult populations, by providing the skills needed to help the community and individuals reframe the creative process to enable pathways between community activity and the cultural and creative economy

Educational Learning Experiences

A wide variety of experiences across different contexts and settings which transform the perceptions of the learner, facilitate conceptual understanding, yield emotional qualities, and nurture the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes. In educational settings learning experiences are ideally challenging, interesting, rich, engaging, meaningful, and appropriate to learner needs.

Interactive Installations

An interactive installation is a way of activating a physical space through technology, movement, light, and sound that responds to the passerby. When designed correctly, these installations move people from passive audiences to engaged active participants.

Live Theatrical Experiences

“Different stories; different arts and sciences; one history connecting us all.” We utilize storytelling as a catalyst for learning about art, science and history.  Through our theatrical experiences we create long-form performances (30 to 60 minutes in length), short-form performances (7-10 minutes), and Free-form Performances (Improvised) depending on the venue and needs of the audience. 

Community Partnerships

The daVinci Pursuit forges creative partnerships between artists, scientists, and communities as a means of seeing (illuminating), identifying, and discovering the assets within communities (ownership). The daVinci Pursuit views the development of self-efficacy and self-esteem, as a means of beautifying, improving, and educating neighborhoods.