daVinci Innovation Workshop

Defining a Problem

What sort of organizational culture do you need for design thinking to be successful? How you come upon problems to solve?

Narrative descriptions thanks to Rochester Institute of Technology https://www.rit.edu/


Implementing Design Thinking?

Anyone or any group of people can use design thinking to solve a problem. But does your place of work have an atmosphere conducive to open-mindedness, unstructured investigations, and risk taking? You may need to introduce design thinking to your organization before you can begin forming a team and solving problems.


Initial Problem Description

The very first step in the design thinking process is for the design team leader or manager to find out more about the problem. This will help the person forming the design team to understand the experience and skills that should be represented on the team. This early investigation will also help set parameters for the design team such as providing them with a budget and a deadline, telling them who should get updates on their progress, and how often updates should be given.


Starting With the Right Problem

Not all design thinking projects start with you being given a clear, defined problem to solve. The problem may be messier than initially thought. The client may not articulate their problem well or even know what the problem really is.



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