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Macro Challenge

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For more information about macro invertebrates from our firends at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management click the button below.

Your Challenge

We call the daVinci Pursuit a museum without walls – and now we want to bring the museum straight to your home. The daVinci Pursuit is excited announce a new series called #dVPchallenge. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce simple challenges – fun for any age – with guidance from local scientists and artists alike. This week we’re learning about macroinvertebrates! A macroinvertebrates is any animal lacking a backbone and large enough to see without the aid of a microscope (e.i. insect, spider, worm).


For this weeks activity all you have to do is: 

Learn form historic entomologist Thomas Say, but watch Timepiece Theaters video: 

Create your own insect (or macroinvertebrate if you want to be more broad) with found materials. 

Take a photo and post your results on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook 

Tag @daVinciPursuit (and don’t forget to follow us!)

Include the hashtag #dVPchallenge 

Posts will be featured on our website ( 

We hope you will join us to learn something, create something, and have fun in the process! 



Additional links to get more involved:

Citizen Scientist Hoosier Riverwatch program


IDNR on macros

Our Guest Scientist

Kelly Brown, Environmental Scientist

Thank you Kelly for this wonderful activity challenge.

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