Cell Phone Science


Your smartphone is a mobile lab.(opens in new tab)

Download for free: Follow us: Features Sensors Phyphox allows you to use the sensors in your phone for your experiments. For example, detect the frequency of a pendulum using the accelerometer or measure the Doppler effect using its microphone.

Your Challenge

We call the daVinci Pursuit a museum without walls – and now we want to bring the museum straight to your home.The daVinci Pursuit is excited announce a new series called #dVPchallenge. Over the coming weeks, we will introduce simple challenges – fun for any age – with guidance from local scientists and artists alike. This week we’re exploring experiments you can do with your smart phone! Practically every smartphone made in the last 5 years can measure atmospheric pressure, magnetic fields (not too strong!), acceleration, light, sound and other things.


For this week’s activity all you have to do is: All you have to do is:

  1. Go to https://phyphox.org/ and download the app.
  2. Decide on an experiment to do (choose one that is safe for your phone, that’s on you).
  3. Post your results (picture, short quip, long poem, all formats welcome) on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook
  4. tag @daVinciPursuit (and don’t forget to follow us!)
  5. include the hashtag #dVPchallenge


Posts will be featured on our website (https://www.thedavincipursuit.com/).
 We hope you will join us to learn something, create something, and have fun in the process!



Our Guest Scientist

Dr. Andy Gavrin, Physicist, Indiana University

Thank you Andy for this wonderful activity challenge.

Contact Andy …

Your Creations: