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Nature Journaling

Class Description

Noblesville naturalist, Geoff Davis, is conducting an online workshop where he will work with students to explore how Nature Journaling can increase engagement and enhance outdoor experiences.

Davis, a bird carver and printmaker, has used journaling to document his natural experiences and to develop his observation skills. 

In this free course students will explore a variety of techniques, media and approaches to record experiences, develop and answer questions and to develop new more meaningful adventures.

This class is provided at no cost through the generosity of the daVinci Pursuit and Nickel Plate Arts. No special skills are expected Students may begin with just pencil and paper. 

Introduction to Nature  Journaling
Archival Links to Sessions on YouTube

Session I
May 7, 2020

Session 2
May 14, 2020

Session 3
May 21, 2020

Mini Lesson I
May 12, 2020

Mini Lesson II
May 19, 2020

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