Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Circle of Life Exhibit

As a part of our work with The Partners for the White River, a Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust funded initiative, the daVinci Pursuit partnered with artist Pat Mack to create a series of sculptures along the Urban Wilderness Trail near IUPUI in Indianapolis. The area focuses on pollinators and their essential role in the urban environment. The three sculptures: Cliff Swallow, Monarch Butterfly, and Milkweed Plant show the inter-connections and co-evolution of species. Each has a role to play in the creation of a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

The daVinci Pursuit has been exploring ways to create signage that draws people closer to the waterway and engages them through the arts to create “signs that are not signs.” The Circle of Life sculptures demonstrate the ability of the arts to draw people off the paved trails and move them into direct interaction and exploration of the nearby waterways.


Coevolution is used when two or more speicies like our cliff swallow, butterfly, and milkweed plant all affect each other’s evolution. Coevolution is most likely to occur when different species have close ecological interactions with one another. Many plants, poilliators, and birds are so dependent on one another that they become best adapted to living together in a particular habitat.


Cliff Swallow


Monarch Butterfly


Milkweed Plant