Aired Saturday, September 9, 2023

A Family Tradition: The Art and Science of Cranberries

The Conversation

Cranberries are a wild native fruit to Cape Cod. Native Americans introduced cranberries to early Cape Cod settlers and taught them how to use cranberries for medicinal purposes and to produce red dye. In the north village of Dennis, Henry Hall discovered cultivated cranberries by accident in 1816. An industry was born with many retired sea captains taking up the cranberry business. Join us as we explore the art and science of cranberries in this episode with the owner of Annie’s Crannies as she takes us through the history and craft of bringing cranberries to our tables. We will explore how our guest went from Broadway to working a cranberry bog, the challenges she and other growers face and the differences between dry and wet harvesting. We will look at why these farms are so important and why you should buy local whenever possible. 


Annie Walker, Owner, Annie’s Crannies; Molly Walker, Next Generation Cranberry Farmer

A Family Tradition: The Art and Science of Cranberries