Aired Saturday, April 15, 2023

Creating Playful Cities: How Art can Transform a City into a Public Gallery

Talking about the ways she inspires artists in her native town of Fort Wayne to use their art to make spaces interesting and ultimately lead to increased tourism and enhanced economic development. Alexandra’s hope is to encourage her audience to exercise their imagination, inspire conversation, and evoke joy.”  Alexandra holds a degree in Political Science and after graduating she intended to move on to graduate school but detoured into painting. Her work reflects her playful personality, and her desire to bring positive energy into the world. Childhood illness allowed her hours to dream and draw. The experience forced her to grow up faster than her peers, and, in some ways, those lost years have greatly influenced her work. Art has been her catharsis and a means of expressing her love of life. She encourages her audience to embrace their inner child and never forget to color outside of the lines!


Alexandra Hall, Artist