Aired Saturday, April 8, 2023

The Plasticene: Living and Creating in the Current Era of Plastics

Talking about plastics. When we think of plastic, we tend to think of bags and straws. But the reality is that our lives are steeped in plastic – it covers our walls, wraps our buildings, corrects our vision, and fills our cavities. We will explore what drives Kapi to keep exploring the world of plastics in her art and how she balances the toll of the environment with the versatility of plastics. We will explore her upcoming entry into a Chicago Runway Trashion Show where Kapi will create a fashion from trashed plastics. We will talk about how she are going about the design of a fashion. Does the idea of this fit with reuse? What kinds of plastic intrigue her the most. What do you need to know about plastics to work with them artistically and safely.


Kalliopi Monoyios, Environmental Artist