Aired Saturday, March 11, 2023

The Net Makers: Traditional Hoopnet Crafting

Show #218

Talking about a new movie by Hannah Myers Lindgren. The Net Makersis her fourth film streaming on Hoodox. In rural Southern Indiana, two men carry on the tradition of crafting hoopnets and commercially fishing in the White and Wabash Rivers. Despite the threat of invasive species, climate change impacts and the shifting dynamics of commercial fishing and social norms, Larry and Danny spend countless hours hand-tying thousands of knots to create the intricate hoopnets that have been used in the area since the Great Depression. While they take their own approaches to crafting their nets, both recognize the precarious state of this tradition, and hope that the culture of hoopnet making will be picked up by future generations before it becomes lost to time.


Hannah Myers Lindgren, Filmmaker; Rocky Walls, Producer and Founder of Hoodox