Aired Saturday, September 17, 2022

Patterns of Consumption: The Complex Relationship with Plastic

Show #195

Talking about her exhibit of environmentally themed work in the Littleton Museum in Littleton, Colorado. Kalliopi Monoyios seeks to reach people by embracing the complexity of our relationship with plastics and speaking openly about it. By subverting the recognized functions of various everyday plastic materials, she encourages us to look at it anew, as a material that is beautiful and surprising. Featuring a combination of framed works, free-standing sculptures, large quilts, and installation, the exhibit combines single-use plastic food wrappers, PTFE (aka Teflon) dental floss, silicone contact lenses, discarded phone and computer cords, and other surprising plastics (spoiler alert: chewing gum is plastic!) as fine art media. We will explore a place where people can honestly assess their own patterns of consumption and imagine a world where our plastic pollution problems are behind us. 


Kalliopi Monoyios, Environmental Artist

Patterns of Consumption: The Complex Relationship with Plastic