Aired Saturday, June 11, 2022

It’s Never Been Done Before: Developing an Immune System for the Planet

Show #206

Dr. Bray carries out research to solve big, real-world problems using technology. It’s not just big problems that Bray is interested in solving; it’s the near-impossible ones. “You tell me it’s never been done before, you tell me it’s impossible and I’m like, ‘okay, that’s what I want!’’ Like preventing pandemics? As Principal at LeadDoAdapt Ventures, Dr. Bray’s passions include shaping the Future of Data, Bio, and Space and providing strategic direction, advice, and leadership to organizations confronting turbulent environments. He accepted a role of Co-Chair for 2016-2017 with an IEEE Committee focused on Artificial Intelligence, automated systems, and innovative policies globally and has been serving as a Visiting Executive In-Residence at Harvard University since 2015 and as a Faculty Member giving talks on Impact and Disruption at Singularity University since 2017. He has been an invited keynote speaker to CEOs, world leaders, and crowds of more than 3,000 participants at events in India, Vietnam, Australia, Taiwan, Dubai, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


 Dr. David Bray,
Distinguished Fellow at the Stimson Center, a not-for-profit based in Washington, DC

It’s Never Been Done Before: Developing an Immune System for the Planet