Aired Saturday, May 7, 2022

Inside Out: A Concept for a New Museum

Talking about the new IU Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, opening in 2023. The museum will present the university’s world-class collections of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts in newly designed collection areas, exhibits, and learning spaces that will make its materials and activities more open and accessible than most museums by turning “inside-out” for visitors. “Cultural museums awaken us to our shared humanity across space and time, while archaeological and historic perspectives remind us of how we got here,” said Edward Herrmann, executive director of the new museum. “But we need to do more. We need to open up the museum, to provide more access to the collections and museum work we do, and to serve as a place for dialogue and understanding.”


Edward Herrmann, Executive Director of the IU Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; Nick Worden, Associate Architect, Browning Day