Aired Saturday, April 30, 2022

Solace: Finding Peace in Nature During a Global Pandemic

Talking about how drawing engages different parts of the brain and allows the archaeologist to highlight specific aspects of the excavation that are important to the interpretive process. Archaeologists, at times create simple sketches to record spatial relationships of stratigraphic layers, features, and artifacts, or to share ideas with one another as we develop our interpretation of past events. At times, he opts to create a scientific drawing, or map, that includes scale in order to visualize and understand what he is seeing.


Dr. Alex Elvis Badillo, Archaeologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Systems at Indiana State University; Dr. Jordan Rogers, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, Carleton College; Mary-Evelyn Farrior, Ph.D. candidate, Columbia University, Dr. Allison Emmerson, Director of the Pompeii I.14 Project, Tulane University.

Solace: Finding Peace in Nature During a Global Pandemic