A daVinci Pursuit Fundrasing Event

Seeing the Unseen in Quilts

An online fundraising event through the magic of master quilter Laurie Gavrin.

The money raised through this online auction directly benefits the daVinci Pursuit in its mission. Each month we will offer a different quilt for you to bid upon.

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This Month's Quilt: Camouflage

We have amazing eyes. What we can see with the unaided eye is only a small fraction of what is possible to see with the aid of simple devices and techniques. From simple magnifying glasses to telescopes, microscopes, special cameras, and spectroscopes we are able to greatly expand our knowledge of ourselves and of the world around us. During our online quilt auction, we will challenge you to view the world through the eyes of our master quilter. 

    About the artist: Laurie Evans Gavrin has been quilting since she was a teen. She attended MIT, Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland, and worked a variety of careers, and raised two children. Now retired from a life of data analysis (and engineering and policy), she has been making quilts as art and education and warmth. Most are for babies, or for hanging on the wall, and some have been for beds and couches and laps.