The daVinci Pursuit

Connecting Art, Science, and Community

Center Stage

Irish Engineers

The good Mr. Sullivan takes a moment to discuss a waterway that is often overlooked.

Creatures of the Night

A play reading, a science-based discussion, an experience! Who doesn't love Werewolves?

Muzzle Loaders

Centered on the theme of Firearms, “Muzzle Loaders” – a fictional account of the drafting of the 2nd Amendment

daVinci Talks

Conversations between the past and present.

Thomas Say

"Read Nature; Nature is a friend to Truth" - Thomas Say. His words and work have never been more relevant.

The Physician

The program focuses on the life of former slave and Civil War nurse Susie King Taylor, as well as medicine/surgery of the 19th century.

Robert Owen

A Welsh textile manufacturer, philanthropist and social reformer, was one of the founders of utopian socialism and the cooperative movement in New Harmony, Indiana.


An original play, “Galinthias” about women’s health, birth control/abortion in history, pre-natal care, menopause and gender inequality.

Professor Brainard

Professor Brainard (a brain puppet) and his/her assistant will talk about parts of the brain while focusing on the science of the brain (how the brain functions under stress, fear, and anger.

Gene Stratton Porter

"I write as the birds sing, because I must, and usually from the same source of inspiration." Gene Stratton Porter