Why do certain colors seem to work better together in your paintings? How can a color wheel help you create beautiful paintings? We will create beautiful bookmarks that you can share with family and friends as a part of your holiday celebrations.

Complementary Colors: Red, Green, and Gold

Learn To Create Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

All Skill Levels Welcome

Monday, December 16th, 6:30 – 7:30 pm EST


About the Artist: Megan Jefferson

I attended Miami University and received a BFA, with a focus in painting and have been a practicing artist for 20 years. I am a colorist with a keen interest in the beauty of nature. My paintings are ethereal, they invoke a sense of peace, wonder and stillness.

For me, inspiration comes from the light hitting the distant land, amazing flowers and flora all around us and the infinite colors in the sky.

As a painter, I am much more interested in how the experience of creating feels and the alignment of it being joyful, at ease and flowing, than I am about the outcome being a direct result of a perfect depiction of subject matter. Painting is a graceful dance that keeps me focused in the moment and allows creation to happen from a calm and centered place.

One of the beautiful things about watercolor is that is forces me to work in the moment, to consider every stroke and proceed by allowing the material to behave in its natural way. The water and colors pool, drip, merge and blend. The outcome of this essence is unpredictable, bringing the joy of surprise.

I sell my work regionally and nationally online and in local galleries.

You can find more of my work here:


Instagram: megsjlart