Aired Saturday, June 25, 2022

Fire Ecology: Green Shoots and Silver Linings in the Ashes

Show #183

Talking about her upcoming new book “The Cold Canyon Fire Journals”.
Robin Lee Carlson is an author and natural science illustrator with a particular interest in how landscapes and ecological communities change over time. Her work is based on observing and documenting the world around her as it unfolds. How are we moved by the places we find ourselves in? When we experience a place, how do we change it? How does it change us?
Robin’s artistic and scientific journey that ultimately leads us to a new understanding of how we must live in relationship to the land. The ways fire suppression and climate change undermine the regenerative work of wildfire and her story of how cultivating intimacy with our natural world teaches us what we need to do to sustain it.


Robin Lee Carson, natural science writer and illustrator


Drawn to Water: The Art and Natural Science of the Finger Lakes

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Fire Ecology: Green Shoots and Silver Linings in the Ashes

by Mark Kesling and Krista Hoffmann-Longtin

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