Quilt 6: Wind and Weather

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Artist Notes: Wind and Weather

“What is seen must always be the outcome of much that is unseen.” — Helene A. Guerber

My quilt title covers only two of the eight unseen actions and outcomes I chose to describe in this quilt. (I wish I could have added gravity and genes, light and love.) I have ‘hidden’ the unseen action in pockets behind the outcomes we see, described below. If you gently pull the button at the top, the bottom pocket opens for a peek at the unseen action.

These are the outcome fabrics I chose, over fabrics representing the action behind them:

A – When we look out at the starlight, we are looking back in time. The light from the farthest stars in our galaxy comes to us from 75,000 lightyears away – and thus occurred 75,000 years ago!

B – What about weather, our beneficial rain clouds? Wave fabric represents our oceans, the water cycle.

C – Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

D – How do we hear sound? Sound waves travel through that unseen air of ours. In the vacuum of space, no one can hear you sing the blues.

E – Birds in flight. Flight itself is made possible by our atmosphere and the birds’ own lightness of being. We can describe the mechanism of airplane flight with equations, lift and drag, hidden to the casual traveler but vitally necessary for the function of planes. As well as lift, the blue swells on black could also represent magnetism guiding the birds on their migrations.

F – We are told to expect more, and more violent, hurricanes as the Earth warms. All that heat has to go somewhere; in addition to melting the poles, it warms the oceans and gooses the whole world’s weather patterns.

G – All of the material world we see – crystals and cabbages, ships and sheep – are all composed of atoms, which in turn are composed of smaller particles. Atoms don’t actually look like the little nucleus with dots orbiting neatly in the depicted way, but it will suffice to show the unseen – and vibrant – activity behind our solid world.

H – This fabric represents tides, and they are caused by the moon, that is, the gravitational dance between the Earth and Moon. There are solar tides as well, as the Earth is in a gravitational dance with the Sun.

This is a good visualization:  https://moon.nasa.gov/resources/444/tides/

I – Our quote above. What outcome can you think of with an unseen action behind it?

The exterior parts of the quilt – the Outcomes – are chosen from whites and greys; the Unseen Actions should peek and pop with color. The largest amount of fabric, the white pearlescent, reminds me of unicorn manes. 😀