Quilt 5: Storm at See

Minimum Bid: $250



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Artist Notes: Storm at See

The idea of this quilt is to use the straight lines found in traditional quilts to make a round look, drawing your eyes to the circle instead of the straight line. This pattern is called Storm at Sea and has always had that trompe l’oeil quality, no matter what colors are used. I like to get away from the traditional blues; what fun to find  DaVinci themed fabric. I particularly like Vitruvian Man’s straight limbs defining the circle around him. Your eye should be drawn to the 9 overlapping ‘circles’ in dark brown, with the lighter colored centers popping forward to showcase snippets from da Vinci’s notebook in the arenas of architecture and anatomy; machinery, math and the Madonna. The other fabrics used from outside the DaVinci line are called Grunge, Scroll Essentials and Stonehenge, making an interesting set of time periods to accompany Leonardo. The use of sashing, always present in Storm at Sea, results in satisfying numbers: 16 corner squares (four, squared); 9 blocks (three, squared). There is an Easter Egg in this quilt. Behind the center square is a circle with a map of Rohan and Gondor, and the words “Not all those who wander are lost,” a fitting description of one of history’s greatest polymaths.