Quilt 1: Camouflage

Minimum Bid: $200



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Artist Notes: Camouflage

The idea of this quilt is to blur the lines traditional to quilts, drawing your eyes instead to the camouflage that makes animals unseen – safer from predators, or safer to prey upon other animals.

 I would have liked a fabric of giraffes in place of the zebras, so as to lose the outstanding color difference of black and white, to a scheme of all tans and browns, but still having a prey animal among the leopards and tigers. This color combination pops better than you might expect, but with a somewhat soothing, or lulling effect. (“There’s no predator here….”) This is a 9 block, 16 patch pattern, with four corner blocks all alike, four side blocks all alike, and one center block different. All patches are half square triangle except for eight, which are split quarter/half triangle patches. These comprise the ends of the center “Cs” of the leopards. Quilting is a simple stitch-in-the-ditch.