Aired Saturday, May 29

Invasives: Beauty or the Beast?

Show #133

Talking about invasive species, alien species, native species, history of planting and ridding natural areas of these beautiful but harmful species.


Don Miller, Land Stewardship Manager, Department of Public Works, City of Indianapolis
Rebecca W. Dolan, PhD; Affiliate – Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability; Retired Director – Friesner Herbarium, Butler University




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Invasives: Beauty or the Beast?

by Mark Kesling and Krista Hoffmann-Longtin

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Don was interviewed by an ecological restoration professional in an older growth woods (complete with bird sounds) where he outlined Indy’s Land Stewardship program, including how we manage invasive plants.


Invasive Species in an Urban Flora: History and Current Status in Indianapolis, Indiana


Community Involvement to Address a Long-standing Invasive Species Problem: Aspects of Civic Ecology in Practice


Documenting effects of urbanization on flora using herbarium records