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Join the conversation with IndyStar reporters Sarah Bowman and London Gibson as we get the scrub on all things environmental in Indianapolis and across the state.
We ask questions and write stories about the things that impact the natural world and Hoosier health. While we’re keeping an eye on energy and electricity, learning more about our wildlife, and bringing you tips and tricks to be more efficient and sustainable, we’ll use this space to answer questions and have open dialogues about the challenges facing our state and our planet.
Enjoy, engage and here’s to the environment!

You may have seen our post on The Scrub Facebook page where we have a form asking for questions that folks may have. Our plan is that we are going to take these questions – whether a science-geared question or one that is more procedural or a “how to” – and answer them in a very straightforward way. Almost similar to an “Ask us” column, we are calling it Scrub Hub.

We had planned to launch it around Earth Day, but those plans were altered a bit in light of everything going on with the pandemic. We are now coming back to it and planning to launch it in mid-July. We are planning to put something out in the next couple weeks to introduce it, but we are still collecting questions and will continue to do so even once it’s launched to keep hearing people’s questions. That being said, I wanted to send the link to the form for submitting questions.