The daVinci Pursuit is looking for interested teachers to help develop our art science curriculum kits as well as donors interested in funding a participating teacher. Please contact us if you would like to help at:

We have adopted a new model for working with schools and teachers that allows us to provide sustainable K-12 science education efforts. Teachers will create curriculum to be shared with others, participate in professional development and be awarded a kit of materials to support their work. The kits remain the property of the teacher and not the school or district, insuring that they will continue to be used effectively.

Kits under development include:

Amusement Parks – construction of amusement park rides based on basic physics and design principles.

Bridges – spans, arches, triangles, suspensions and design combine in this interactive building kit.

Constructions – an early childhood unit involving the construction of everyday objects.

Electronic Fashions – the art and science of design with fabrics and electronics.

Food Orchestra – what happens when food combines with electronics to make music?

Geofaces – architectural projections, object construction and mathematics combined.

Kaleidoscopic Hues – light, optics, color and nature through a tube.

Smart Cars – the art and science of auto racing: combining artificial intelligence, physical gaming, and speed.

Sound Objects – learn the physics of sound while creating artistic compositions from simple everyday objects.