The Fall Creek Trailhead is an outdoor space for mutual cooperation, expression, and flow.

It is a gateway destination for the N.E. community that encourages promotion of the arts, improving health, protecting the environment, and empowering the community.

The idea of “Flow” is about living and learning through the lens of the Hip Hop movement and its revolution. This aluminum -BOOM- box will be installed in the center of a found public music hall. Movement will stimulate the music in the space.

We imagine a sensor driven system that will play a “Flow” about Fall Creek, its science, and purpose. Four creatively composed songs or “Flows” will inspire a city, promote the environment, and showcase a music experience where a citizen can take part in something larger and worthier than one’s personal interests.

This concrete music hall and its “Flow” will showcase the rhythm of daily life while articulating time and public architecture . A remarkable gesture on behalf of this city and the Fall Creek Waterway.


Cohron Willams – Herron High School Student Andrew J Vinson – Digital Music Composer



w/purpose would like to give a special thanks to local teach Ronak Shah and students from Tindley Prep Academy’s Summer Service-Learning classroom. These dynamic students and teachers loved science enough to allow design to help stretch their minds and change the world.

The following organizations were instrumental in furthering this project.

Local 725
City of Indianapolis, DPW
Dirty Dozen Hunting and Fishing Club IUPUI Students
United North East CDC
N.E. Corridor QOL
Pine Brook Properties
Design Bank

Artist Statement

Wil Marquez’s work uses innovative design principles to probe ideas of public space, architecture, and equity. He is particularly enthusiastic about new ways architects, students, and other design professionals can contribute to meaningful urban and public architectures and environments. This philosophy is the reason Marquez launched his own design studio in 2010, after over 12 years in practice.

w/purpose is a creative design studio curious about our built environment and its future. For Marquez, this means neighborhoods and buildings; the experience of our streetscapes; or the spaces where people shop or spend their time. Their colorful, thoughtful, and collaborative portfolio includes furniture, public architecture, interiors, architectural installations, art exhibits, brands, and housing developments.

Marquez has worked, lectured, and taught all over the world, including Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, and Chihuahua, Mexico. In 2010 he was awarded an Emerging Designer Award at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and has been featured in international and local publications for his work in architecture and design. He most recently was invited to speak at Tuskegee University on behalf of his work and research.

In an effort to feed a passion for design education, Marquez Co-Founded the Design Bank in 2015, a design cooperative and makerspace located in a renovated Art Modern Bank in Indianapolis.