Installed throughout the Cultural Districts in Indianapolis, Art Ports create new ways for “pop-up” art to occur, creating an ever changing and dynamic aesthetic landscape for artists. Check out the first two installed Art Ports at Pleasant Run Parkway and Barth Avenue.

Throughout our city, artists find it difficult to place art in public spaces due to a lack of a basic anchoring mechanism, access to power and a process that allows easy yet controlled permitting and planning. As we build new sidewalks, improve underground wiring and water supplies, create new ways for people to walk and bicycle, and encourage a healthier lifestyle we have the perfect opportunity to design and build the needed arts infrastructure as well.

The daVinci Pursuit brought the best minds together from the fields of art, urban planning and design to think of ways to build a new physical infrastructure for the arts. The result? Art Ports:

  1. Common in-ground anchors – act like “space” docking ports for artists to create structures that plug into the anchors thereby creating quick and easy installations throughout the city.
  2. Power posts – located at key points to provide energy for powering interactive and kinetic sculptural pieces as well as small performances.