How do the actions of an individual combined with the actions of other individuals impact the quality of life along a waterway? Thousand Bottles is designed to demonstrate how one small negative action can lead to a massive negative action when the individual act becomes group act. 

The installation uses more than one thousand used water bottles to demonstrate how one bottle discarded along the road ends up combined with others in our waterways. The giant bottle is anchored to the bottom of the river and creates a large visual example of these concepts in Urban Ecology.


My older brother was a painter. When I was in first grade he coached me through my first acrylic on canvas of the crabapple tree in our front yard. After that, I never stopped. Making art is just something I have always done and a career path that was chosen for me.

Many years ago I was at the IMA and I watched as one viewer reached out her hand and stroked a Frank Stella wall sculpture. 

That single event made me want to create art that could be touched.

So I began carving and painting wood. The relief sculptures are hand carved with mallet and chisel

Each narrative work is created from pieces of my history and intended to spark your fondest memories.