Building on the ground breaking App, Musical DNA, the ElectroSpectrum Music Player provides a new way to fully discover and express your own musical creativity, enabling groups of individuals to play with music and sound in a more powerful way than ever before. The daVinci Pursuit has created a large-scale interactive installation that visually represents the functionality of the Musical DNA app in physical space. Users interact with plexiglass domes that trigger sounds and lights, thereby connecting the musical notes to create simple musical compositions. In order for people to create more complex chords, the installation requires the cooperation of two or more individuals.

The installation is planned for installation in the spring of 2016 on the East End of Mass Ave.

Artist Statement

Music can best be understood as shapesfitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Musical DNA successfully reveals our inherited ‘musical puzzle’ for the very first time—using color, geometry, and sound to bring music to life.

Memorizing and reciting a piece of music is not the same as becoming ‘fluent’ in the musical language. Musical DNA’s new, patented tools can teach you how to ‘speak’ the language of music in a more powerful way than ever before.

With a true understanding of the building blocks of music, you will be set free to make your own compositions and to play any kind of music you can imagine. You will no longer be tied to just sheet music.

Music breaks down boundaries and crosses all borders. By empowering yourself or a loved one with Musical DNA, you will not only be enriching your own life, you will be giving the gift of music to the world.