“In some ways, an exhibit resembles a play or a musical composition. A tension is built up by something in the exhibit that elicits curiosity, or an interesting task, or a lovely effect, then the tension is resolved as the result of an aesthetic or intellectual payoff. If either component is missing, either the creation of tension or its release, the exhibit is unsatisfactory.”

– Frank Oppenheimer

When conceptualize things in our heads, they can seem to perfect with all the details working beautifully together. Then, we try building the idea and we discover the realities that our brains and experience were incapable of visualizing. Once we put ideas  in a more concrete form such as a visual medium like a piece of paper or construct a maquette, we see things that we couldn’t imagine. This process is called prototyping and is essential to the act of creation.

The daVinci Pursuit helps artist and scientist collaborative efforts by finding funding for prototyping of ideas as well as connecting them to essential engineering and fabrication resources. There are faster ways to make things happen, but we believe in the creation of beautiful, effective, safe, and maintainable installations, that are only possible through a rigorous prototyping and review process.