Two of the daVinci Pursuit’s interactive public sculptures, The Ka-Bike-O-Scope, have arrived at Pleasant Run Trail and Barth Avenue in Indianapolis

The Ka-Bike-O-Scope, an interactive public sculpture created by The daVinci Pursuit artists, has been installed on Pleasant Run trail near the Barth Bridge, thanks to a generous gift from the Central Indiana Community Foundation in support of the work we do with Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW).

The Ka-Bike-O-Scope is a large scale, group kaleidoscopic kinetic sculpture consisting of a stationary bike-like base that when pedaled causes canopies of overlapping up-cycled bicycle wheels 18 feet in the air to spin. Colorful acrylics are fitted between the overhead spokes creating chromatic natural reflections during the day and LED generated ones at night. The sculpture allows passersby to playfully explore the principles of energy conversion, simple machines and the properties of light.

Masterminded by professional artist Quincy Owens and physicist Luke Crawley, the Ka-Bike-O-Scope is the culmination of a community-wide design competition created to use the arts to bring basic science concepts to neighborhood residents and beyond. Children from local schools have participated in attaching the colored plastic panels into the up-cycled bicycle wheels while learning the physics concepts. A curriculum is being used by area schools to further the exploration of the physics concepts.

Believing that art opens the doors to science, the daVinci Pursuit connects artists and scientists to create interactive installations that inspire minds to seek the answers behind the aesthetics. The installations are intended to generate iconic gateways to neighborhoods while revitalizing community and creating opportunities for economic development.

The Ka-Bike-O-Scope was just named one of NUVOs top Reader Choice Award winners in the New Public Art Category!