The daVinci Pursuit connects art, science and community, in order to cultivate interactive experiences and critical thinking among the general public in non-institutionalized settings. Art and science form the core of creativity and create a dynamic culture of thinkers and learners.

The daVinci Pursuit was founded in order to bring science education and cultural enrichment closer to the public. The lens through which we look at our communities, reveals large and small institutions and programs dedicated to the arts, sciences, and community in isolation from one another. Few if any combined the three areas into a singular focused effort to improve the overall quality of life in our neighborhoods. Most institutions were building or campus-centric, which increased the barriers to access by the most challenged neighborhoods. What was missing, were places and events where individuals and families could experience art and science together while discovering the joy of learning, appreciating the beauty of their own neighborhood or connecting with others to create a stronger community.

The daVinci Pursuit explores how artistic installations and programs can promote community engagement in science thinking, irrespective of wealth or privilege. We believe that neighborhoods themselves are learning environments that provide unique opportunities where individuals of varying cultures and backgrounds can explore art and science in a non-threatening environment, free from the expense, staffing and access issues presented by “building-centric” learning institutions. It is through this open exploration that people access their inner creativity and build the self-efficacy and self-confidence necessary to transform their lives.