The daVinci Pursuit has established a collaborative program to connect scientists, scientific content, and artists who will be performing and executing work at the grant sites. The process of bringing artists and scientists together in a collaborative environment, with the tools to strengthen interactions between the two fields, occurs monthly with additional bi-monthly status meetings to assess the progress being made toward a proposed solutions. As a part of the program assessment, daVinci Pursuit is evaluating how effectively science content is embedded into the art forms and how well art forms contribute to scientific inquiry and thought. This provides an iterative filter into which tools and techniques lead to healthy and productive engagement between artists and scientists.

At the end of the grant cycle, the successful tools and frameworks for collaboration will be made available for replication outside the participants in this project through the design of an Art/Science Toolkit that could be used to create collaborations in other areas, fields and cities. Publications for the field will advance professional practice and increase understanding of the role of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).

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