The daVinci Pursuit was founded in order to bring science education and cultural enrichment closer to the public. As a group of concerned science and art educators, we are concerned about the decline of support for arts education in the academic setting, as well as the shortcomings in science education that leave most students turned off to science by the time they reach high school. What is clearly needed is a way to re-introduce this “missing audience” to art and science, and present outstanding examples of artists and/or scientists who embody the spirit of daVinci, exploring the world around us regardless of the discipline or area of study.


The daVinci Prize has been established as a means of acknowledging those who have made significant contributions in connecting the arts with science. The winners of the prize will have demonstrated the unique ability to see the world and their work through both the lens of the artists and scientist. The prize consists of an awards ceremony, a commemorative plaque and a $10,000 cash prize.